Useful information about market research in Poland

In Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) branch you can find articles of daily use, such as groceries, domestic detergents, cosmetics. It is, as you may see from its definition – fast moving. What does it mean? Well, high demand, market flexibility, low manufacture cost and bulk selling. It is not so simple, may you think, and you are right. Because this branch is characterized by very high level of competitiveness. This is perfectly understandable, when you consider, that in every shop every client has a choice of many brands. The company do not have secured market for its products, because of many competitors. Such market needs additional costs of advertising operations. It is essential to conduct market research Poland. Its results may help in sales department, customer service department, marketing department.

What you can find out

As has already been mentioned, FMCG branch covers such products, as groceries, domestic detergents, cosmetics. As you know, when you buy those products, you are rather loyal. Only few things can change your habits. Such things, like change of prices, change of packaging, change of place on the shelf, change of brand, effective marketing campaign. You expect from the producer, that does not trouble you, as a customer, with such changes. It means that the producer should take care of products prices, quality, advertisements, media activity, distribution channels. As a loyal client you expect those things.
So, a process of releasing a new product on the market, on which customers does not like novelty and maintain leadership position of previous products, it is necessary to conduct market research in Poland. It is time-absorbing and costliness, but it works. Results of research projects provide company data essential to develop effective development strategy. Everything begins from the conception of research project. This include such fields, as product, which company wants to research, target groups, sale prices, marketing strategies, distribution channels, advertising efficiency and many more. It means consumer insights, sensory testing in case of groceries, product concepts and prototypes research, advertising concept testing (storyboards/stillomatics), quantitative sensory testing (such as Central Location Test), advertising campaigns tracking, segmentation research, measurements of products presence in the media, including social media.

What to use

Generally, in market research, you can find quantitative and qualitative research, but mainly market research companies use qualitative research. On the one hand this is more exploratory, on the other hand it is relatively expensive and long-lasting. About techniques of this research, there are three man techniques: IDI interviews (individual), FGI interviews (groups), Mystery Client.